Bitcoin online casino games

Online casinos have become a lucrative business. However, most of us haven’t heard of Bitcoin casino successes. Today, Bitcoin is The most popular cryptocurrency, which is used by millions of people, and the number of its users is increasing daily.

What is Bitcoin
After appearing in 2008, Bitcoin offered users alternative financial management using the fantastic potential of the new currency. Bitcoin uses world-famous security protocols, the highest speed of operations compared to conventional banking, minimal fees, additional benefits and complete anonymity of users.

Complete anonymity
The possibility of playing in an online casino using Bitcoin is beautiful for most players. A high degree of privacy allows them not to associate your Bank account with the cashier of the casino. It is not only the dignity but without the hassle of dealing with traditional financial institutions, the players avoid paying commissions for transfers, which most significant banks charge their clients.

Reducing the number of winnings in casino revenue
Do you know, playing in an online casino, what part of the bets goes into the income of the casino? For those who are not familiar with the term, this is the amount of revenue that the casino can get from the player’s bet. For example, if a player puts$ 1, then when returning the casino 5%, you can expect that the player will back $ 0.95, and$ 0.05 will go into the organizer’s income. As the duration of the game, this scheme works in favor of the casino.


Bitcoin casinos offer players a 99% and higher return. This means that in the considered case in the pocket they will put only 0.01 or even less. This scheme is more attractive for players who want to reduce the amount of return to the casino and want to get the most out of each game.

Quick withdrawal
Online casinos strive to keep the money in your account as long as possible, because the longer they are there, the longer you play. But in the case of Bitcoin casinos, this model does not work.

Players have the opportunity to withdraw funds instantly (in full or in part) after the verification procedures. The scheme is simple: go, win and retire.

The variety of games
Bitcoin casinos offer the same vast range of entertainment as regular casinos: slots, video poker, cards and table games. Sweepstakes, Bitcoin Poker and even Bitcoin live Casino are available to players looking for real excitement, for which you do not need to leave the house.

Some casinos specialize in certain types of games, others go the other way and amaze players with a variety of choices. Like traditional, Bitcoin casino provides the same opportunity to win large sums capable of completely turning life upside down. To date, the maximum win belongs to the player under the nickname Nakowa, who became the owner of the amount in Bitcoin, equivalent to 1.3 million dollars in 2013.

Bitcoin casino games use the “proven integrity” criterion, which is different for each game and in most cases for each casino. As in any casino, players assume the risk of participation in gambling, so before the game you need to study the gameplay carefully, regardless of what kind of casino Bitcoin or usual.

What is the catch?
Bitcoin is at the forefront of the development of financial instruments, although it has specific risks.

Compared to traditional banking institutions, a minimal number of organizations working with Bitcoin. This can make it challenging to purchase expensive items such as homes and cars. Also, Bitcoin exists only as a digital currency. This means you may find yourself in a quandary if you have a BTC wallet.

Finally, there is no way to repair Bitcoin, and if wallet files are corrupted or destroyed, the funds will be irretrievably lost.

Want to try Bitcoin casino?
It is effortless to start playing Bitcoin casino. Bitcoin can be purchased with a debit or credit card, as well as a Bank account. You need to create a wallet in which to store new monetary units. There are three different types of Bitcoin wallets.

Online wallets are stored on a cloud server owned by a third party. It will manage your purse, but you can do your own data storage and recovery. This type is recommended for beginners and people who do not understand the technical intricacies.

Software wallets are stored only on your personal computer. This method requires manual data recovery. The procedure is described in more detail on Bitcoin Wiki Page. This type of wallet is more reliable than online but requires an understanding of some features of the work.

Hardware wallets are the most secure type of portfolios. For their work needs a unique device. It plays the role of the key to the safe with Bitcoin. These wallets need to be restored, but there is no more reliable.

A complete list of wallet operators and detailed information can be found here.

As soon as you provide the wallet with reliable protection, you can start choosing a casino. The choice is enormous, and the results will depend on prudence. Take a little time to analyze, and you will understand why many players make their decision in favor of Bitcoin casinos.

Which casinos accept bitcoin?
Here are some of the trusted licensed casinos that accept Bitcoin as a gaming currency